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Introducing: Carbon Marque.

Bob Ray Sanders, CEO

Bob Ray Sanders hails from Fort Worth, Texas, but has grown to be a nationally renowned journalist and communications expert. The once Pulitzer Prize Nominee and once Vice President of KERA and later the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Bob Ray is now embarking on a new journey to start a marketing company that knows how to bring a client’s story to life!

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Carbon Marque is a full-service agency focused on brand strategy and content creation.

Our approach to brands is driven by story. We equip clients with flexible content and concise strategy that builds an immersive story customers will retell. As your audience grows, we can adapt and optimize your content to maintain on-brand creative that brings your story to life.

Branding & Brand Strategy

The foundational look & feel of your story.

Believe it or not, branding is much more than a cool logo. Starting your business with just a logo is like starting a joke with a punch line.

We will help you build an ecosystem that direct the look and feel of your business. Logo, colors, typography, even photography and videos. They all will tell the same story.

Our branding services:

  • Logo creation
  • Brand standards
  • Brand aethstetic
  • Market research
  • And more…

Traditional Marketing

Our goal: help your business stand out.

Many traditional marketing methods are just as relevant today as they ever were, so why not stand out in a digital world.

Allow us to help with the organization and implementation of TV, radio and print marketing to give your business the competitive edge.

Digital Marketing

Launch your business into the digital sphere.

There’s a fierce competition in the digital world, and if you dont keep up, you’ll be left behind. Whether you want to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO), stay on trend with social media, create pay-per-click (PPC) ads or programmatic ads, we can help.

Web Design & Development

Let us tell your story in style.

Being present online is more important than ever before, but where do you begin? We can assist with web design and development, including designing and creating websites for small businesses, e-Commerce businesses, multingual businesses, enterprises, and more.

Our web services:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • e-Commerce
  • UI/UX Strategy & Design
  • And more…

Content Creation

The visual building blocks of every story.

Creating collateral for your own business is hard work, and we get that. Photos don’t take themselves. Graphics don’t design themselves. Blogs don’t write themselves.

Our content creation provides it all. We put your products, services, passions and goals into words and images on a beautifuly designed website.

Our content creation services:

  • Blog content
  • Website content
  • Video production
  • Graphic design
  • And more…


Why tell a story?

Story is important.

There is more to sell products and services than just a few fancy photos and a competitive price tag.

Your story matters. Your story is the connective glue that binds all the individual pieces together—it’s the expression of your core messaging, the articulation of what you do and why you do it. Story is how you cut through the noise, engage your audience and move people to action.

At Carbon Marque, our narrative-based process propels your business and brand toward something truly remarkable. Marketing communication and branding—integrating traditional media touch points with on-brand content; digital, mobile and social media; and emerging technologies.

Bob Ray Sanders on story

A short word from our CEO on the importance of your story and the process we use to make it happen.

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